Life Force


During the last few weeks I have been working on the task the trees set me at the Winter Solstice. To search for the energy lines that cross the Blackdown Hills.

With the Taunton and Blackdown Hills OS map set out in front of me, a dowsing rod in my right hand and coloured pencil in my left I have been mapping out these lines.

With the Dragon Line as my starting point I searched for all the lines that come into contact with it. The Dragon Line is a band of energy three miles wide (one and half miles either side of its centre). The centre is where the main energy runs and it is clear that only this line is three miles in width. Although it takes a West to East route through the West Country it is a North/South line. The next lines I looked at were the St Michael and St Mary lines. The book that Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst produced ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ presents their journey of discovery along the lines and provided me with the reference I needed. To do their work justice I spent a lot of time in detailed dowsing over maps. These lines are two miles wide and in their sinuous journey travel West to East. I then looked for other two mile wide energy lines and found many running from the mouths of rivers to those of other rivers. So far the longest of these has been the one from the mouth of the River Otter, near Budleigh Salterton, to that of the River Parrett, North of Bridgwater, via the Blackdown Hills, Glastonbury Tor and the Polden Hills.

I then moved on to one mile wide and then half mile wide energy lines. What has emerged is a map covered in sinuous lines weaving in  and out of each other and crossing en masse at certain points. These points are very powerful places and either have a beacon tree, spring or well. These are the energy centres that should be visited to help us reconnect with natural energies and the knowledge and guidance they can give us to cope with the changes that are on the way. Where even a few lines cross there are springs, wells and beacon trees. I am now checking all these intersections so I can start visiting them to check their energy levels. This year I will be producing artworks which explore the major energy points and the energy that flows from them.

It is clear that these bands of energy cover the whole of the landscape. They overlap each other providing powerful energy levels below the surface of the earth. What are these energies? As they started me on this course I asked the trees the question. The answer was not magnetic forces but that of water. It is understandable as these lines are flows of water and their centres map out the main sources of water. The water below and above the earth is in a constant state of flux. I asked whether the bands remained constant. It seems their edges ebb and flow. Water under the earth and at those points where it reaches the surface are the realms of the Moon. It also forms a communication web. When I asked questions about the health and future of ash trees I was in contact with trees across the country. They were able to give me a wide consensus on their future.

I then asked the question ‘What happens if we interfere with these bands of energy?’ As the energy bands are in a state of flux they can cope with a certain amount of change but if we continue to create too much interference we are in danger of disrupting these flows of energy and putting ourselves at risk.

Water is our Life Force!

We need to protect it and learn to work closely with it if we are to survive.


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