Tree Devas

The New Energy that arrived at the Winter Solstice has not only re-energised the Beacon Trees but it has also brought about a change in other trees.
A local tree with strong energy is now surrounded by the same golden light that spirals around the cone of energy that envelopes the nearby Beacon Tree. The canopy of the tree, its trunk and roots below are a ball of golden light. This has happened to all the trees that have a strong association with us through connections to individuals and communities.

As well as the ball of light they also have energy fields around them. They vary in size depending on their contact with us and all the other creatures. For Example: an oak in a local community woodland has a large energy field as it has become a meeting and storytelling tree.

Whereas the Beacon Trees are male trees all these trees are proving to be female. They may not have the power of the Beacon Trees but it is clear that they are the ‘Tree Devas’, The Shining Ones who help strengthen the earth and the biosphere.

The energy that surrounds the Tree Devas fluctuates with the phases of the moon. It spirals out from the tree, a day at a time, and reaches the edge of it’s overall energy field after seven days. Then the energy retreats day by day rising up into the biosphere.

In the myths and legends, as well as the foundations of world beliefs, the Tree
Devas have played a crucial role in our connection to the natural world.
In The Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh oral tales which are a combination of fact and folklore, the young knight, Peredur, comes across the following:
‘On the bank of the river he saw a tall tree: from roots to crown one half was aflame and the other green with leaves’.

With the energies around Beacon Trees and Tree Devas the earth is being strengthened. We must seek out and spend time in the company of these trees to help us heal both the Earth and us.


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