Walking and Ceremonial Sticks

The sticks I make are from hazel cropped in the local area. Much of the hazel is not being coppiced and many of the stands are going to rack and ruin. By harvesting them for sticks and sculptures they are being saved as a future resource.
All the hazel is carefully selected to make full use of the timber.
The walking sticks are of a set size which works for everyone who uses them.
Each stick has a unique decoration created through whittling.
Any monies from sales goes into supporting my work with the trees.

Through my work I explore the sculptural qualities of the wood I use. With this in mind I have started making sticks which can be used in ceremonies and rituals or simply as just as elaborate walking sticks.

As part of the process of using all of the hazel I harvest I also make smaller items ranging from tree sculptures to dowsing rods.
Once each of us has developed our dowsing skills metal rods can be replaced by a single wooden dowsing rod.




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