Solstice Energy


At 3pm on the Winter Solstice I went to my local Beacon Tree (1). Each time I touch the tree there is a frisson. This time it was like a powerful electric shock running through me. As normal my hearing goes and then returns with all the natural sounds enhanced. However this time the hearing went for longer and the returning sound was  sharper.

All the trees seemed to be glowing with white light as the increased energy pulsed through them. I had a premonition that this third and final increase of natural energy would go directly into the trees rather than increase their lateral energy fields. I later checked a variety of other trees and this was the case.

However the Beacon Tree had increased its energy field. It had doubled the incredible vertical shaft of energy that runs above and below it. All the Beacon Trees have this circulating shaft of energy as well as strong lateral fields. Whatever its size each Beacon Tree is measured by its total height including the root structure. Each tree’s pillar of energy was 12 heights above and below. Now this has doubled to 24 above and below.

The Beacon Trees are found along powerful energy lines that criss- cross the landscape. Smaller energy lines are connected to these powerful lines and in turn connect all the trees. I have been set two tasks. The first is to search out the Beacon Trees as in the past these were and are now our main contact with natural energies. The Beacon Trees offer us insight and protection. My second task is to map out in a small area the mass of inter-connecting energy lines that run through the landscape. Through artworks and interventions I will present my findings in order to get others to seek out and make contact with these powerful trees.

(1) On the fifth anniversary of my experience in the ancient woodland in Brittany I returned to it. This March it was revealed to me that the stream that ran through the wood is on the same energy line that runs through the Blackdown Hills. Along it I found powerful trees which I have named Beacon Trees. All the findings are revealed in my notes in ‘The Dragon Line’ file.


The Origins of The Green Man


In the period between full sleep and awakening I have been receiving messages from the trees. The most recent was a dream or vision of gnarled and foliate faces looking at me. Talking to the trees I realised that I was being told the origins of The Green Man.

Sculptured images of the green man appear in churches and other buildings as well as forming the basis of ceremonies and rituals across Britain, and beyond. They have been interpreted as pagan forms representing renewal and fertility. It seems this is not the case.

From 500BC when the clearance of the woods and forests was gaining pace woodland peoples strengthened their connection with the trees. They carved human faces into the trees to reinforce this close relationship. It was never an act of worship. It simply represented a mutual association between living beings. The woodland peoples worked withe trees rather than against them. In due course they became the craftsmen who worked with wood and later stone. The images of green men carved in wood and stone that appeared in churches are representations/reminders of our continued loss of contact with trees as they were removed for increased building and farming.

It is clear that we have to renew our relationship the trees using as many means possible. Creating green man images and sculptures is the perfect means for us to reconnect with the trees around us. I have been directed to create green man artworks that can be placed in trees. You can help by creating your own green men to place in your favourite tree or trees. When you fix your  artworks to a tree search out different ways to display them. If you need to use nails use thin steel ones as these should not cause too much harm to the tree. Above all treat the trees with respect and you will be rewarded through this reconnection of living beings.