Under the Influence


The discoveries I have made through dowsing over the past five+ years have revealed many connections which have led me to this point. I decided to explore to see whether there were any early connections to the route I have taken. Looking at an old Brighton/Worthing ordnance survey map to trace any energy lines near to where I grew up in Dial Post I discovered another Dragon Line.

I was born in Dial Post and my early childhood was spent in the village and the countryside around it. Growing up on a farm was a wonderful experience and in such a small community you knew everyone. We lived in Bentons Lane to the West of the village. At the end of the lane is Bentons Place, a very old stone manor house, where the Clisbys lived and worked. We spent a lot of time there in what was a magical place of sheds and barns along with a retired shire horse called Farmer whom we used to feed.  To cool off on a hot day we would paddle and swim in Lancing Brook which runs close to the manor house. The centre of the Dragon Line runs along the brook. It flows northwards under Swallows Lane at Tenchford, a favourite fishing spot.  Further along is the Knepp Castle estate which was the place all the village children loved to visit. There were endless battles around the ruins of the motte and bailey Norman castle but the real draw was the massive lake below the later castle house. Around the lake was a jungle of exotic plants and woodland.  Within the woods on the Dragon Line is a Beacon Tree.

It seems I have always been under the influence of Dragon Lines and Beacon Trees.

It is still early days in mapping out this second dragon line but it seems to follow the Eastern side of England and Scotland. It then crosses the sea to Norway following its Western side up to the very North. To the South the line crosses the English Channel to France. It then flows along the Eastern side of France down to the Mediterranean. It crosses known energy lines along its route. Some very basic dowsing indicates another Dragon Line running through Ireland and the Western Isles of Scotland. It looks like there are lines running from North to South throughout Europe and beyond. These Dragon Lines are three miles wide and the lateral lines I have also been following are two miles wide.

An energy grid is emerging with powerful energy points which influence all of us.

I have to remain grounded throughout these incredible discoveries.  Having a Beacon Tree close at hand helps.

It is now clear that certain trees and woods on hills have been important signifiers throughout my life. During the first twenty years I was able to see the trees planted on Chanctonbury Ring high on the South Downs. Even when we moved away from Dial Post it was still my anchor point. The newly discovered Energy Line runs right through it.