Energies that were slowly leaching away over time are now returning to re-awaken the Earth. During the last two Winter Solstices new energy has arrived to strengthen the underlying energies of the Earth.

At the 2016 Winter Solstice this energy connected with the vertical vortexes that are above and below the Beacon Trees which have been hidden and forgotten within our landscapes.
Not only were these powerful trees energised but other trees which have a close association with us were also re-awaken to become the Tree Devas who strengthen our biosphere.

At the 2017 Winter Solstice the energy arrived to travel deeper into the earth below each Beacon Tree and create more Tree Devas. But something else was energised!
When I map out the many energy lines which travel below us I find Beacon Springs and Wells as well as the Beacon Trees. Like the Beacon Trees these important energy points in the landscape have been lost or forgotten over time. They are the direct connections to the water based energy lines that pass below us. These bands of energy are tidal following the phases of the Moon. Like the tides at sea these energy bands consist of water and moisture. Up until the last Winter Solstice these energy bands only followed the levels of the water below us. At the Solstice this all changed when the new energy entered the energy lines via the Beacon Springs and Wells. They became swirling vortices of energy transforming the energies below and around us.

Those of us who have a connection with earth energies will have noticed this dramatic change. Some will have felt disturbance as these energies stir up and clear any negative energies that surround us.

This is only the beginning of this re-awakening as there is more new energy to come.
Now is the the time to immerse ourselves within the natural world around us so we can benefit from this increase in earth energies. One positive move we can make is to seek out trees that have had little contact with us. Time spent in their company ensure that they will become Tree Devas at the next Winter Solstice.