Chapter Two



By checking the maps I had available in Limerzel I was able to follow the dragon line North up to the English Channel. On the map the point were it left France was at the Cap de la Hague and I wanted to check this on the car ferry journey back home. I am happy to dowse in public encouraging people to take an interest in what I am doing. Its one way of getting my message across but it is sometimes best to be discreet. Someone standing on a ship’s deck waving something around that could be mistaken for a weapon is not a good idea. To avoid being cast into the ferry’s brig I made a small and very discreet dowsing rod from hazel.

I tested it on the car journey up to St Malo and the ferry. On the first part of the journey the dragon line criss-crossed the road and the rod picked up all these points. The ferry journey from St Malo to Portsmouth takes a good eight hours so there was plenty of time onboard. Once the ferry was well under way I checked when we would be crossing the dragon line in the channel. I was given a time so I relaxed and enjoyed the sea journey. I did not notice that the ferry had slowly increased speed so when I checked thirty minutes before we crossed the line I found we were about to cross it. I rushed out to the rear deck and was able to mark the point where the dragon line passed under the English Channel.


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