The Spirit Line


The Blackdown Hills are proving to be one of the most powerful places in Britain. So much so that The Dragon Line makes a large detour in its North/South journey to cross the hills.

I am still in the process of marking out all the main energy lines that cross the Blackdown Hills but have also started to explore the points where many lines cross. One of these points is a wood on the Northern escarpment of the hills.

The wood is owned by a friend who has a deep understanding and a powerful connection to earth energies. After lunch we went in search of the potential Beacon Tree where all these energy lines crossed. I knew that once I made contact with the tree all the latent energy around it would be released, but I was ill-prepared for what happened. As soon as I touched the tree there was the normal frission but as soon as I was in full contact with it I started to sink into the ground. I steadied myself and climbed out to the realisation that something very different had been released. Once through my initial questions about the tree’s well-being and age I then checked on its energy fields. There was the expected pillar of energy twenty four height measures above and below. I then checked on the lateral energy field as on the Winter Solstice of 2013. As expected it covered a large section of the wood. When I checked the the energy field from the last Winter Solstice it ran through the width of the wood to disappear off the grid. When we got back to their house I did a quick check on the map. It travels across the landscape to the Beacon Tree at Otterhead and the Holy Well marked at Holywell Lake in the other direction.

On our return home I did a more detailed check and found a band of energy running through the landscape which varied at each of the Beacon Trees. The unknown element was the Holy Well at Holywell Lake. Another friend carried out a search for me and believed it was in the front garden of a house opposite the village pub, the Holywell Inn. When I checked it out on the ground it was confirmed as a powerful Holy Well. I did not need to enter the garden to confirm  its position and course. It left the garden through a pipe in the wall and then through an underground culvert. You can hear the strength of its flow as it bubbles down under the road to a stream. I walked from it through the village to find the edge of its lateral energy field. It went to the outskirts of the village in different directions. It proved to be a large bubble of energy that also goes above and below the well. It is also clear that it acts like a bubble ebbing and flowing in its shape. As with all the energy lines the moon’s cycles affect its flow. I will be mapping out edges of this ‘Spirit Line’ for each day of a moon cycle to see how it changes and influences the landscape around it.

I have called this new band of energy a ‘Spirit Line’ as my friend believes her Beacon Tree to be a Spirit Tree. She also asked me whether these powerful trees had names. I asked her tree and the one here at Otterhead and they both gave me their names. It was made clear that these names are a secret and I should only reveal them to whoever will become the guardian of that tree. Once I have worked with more springs and wells I will ask them whether they have names.