Winter Solstice 2014


During 2012 the press marked the end of a Mayan Calendar with its typical uninformed blather about the coming apocalypse and the end of the world.

On the morning of the 21st of December I went out to check the energy levels in the trees, but nothing had happened.  When I went to check again in the middle of the afternoon the energy levels of the trees, and all plants, had doubled.  The trees made it clear to me that there would be an increase each year for the next three years.  These increases are to help the natural world cope with all the changes that lay ahead.  These increases will also benefit those of us who are attuned to both earth energies and the natural world.  It will strengthen us so we can guide and help others cope with these changes.

There was another doubling of energy levels in 2013 and on the 21st of December this year there will be the third and final increase.  You should make time to spend with a tree from 3 o’clock onwards on Sunday 21st of December.  I suggest you visit your favourite tree which you have visited over a period of time.

If you visit a tree that you have not been to before spend no more than 30 minutes with it.  The reason for this is that some of us act as conduits for latent natural energy.  A tree which has not been visited has a confined energy field and when a human conduit spends time with it the energy flows through them into the tree.  For us it can be a draining experience which often leads to us feeling very tired and in need of rest.

Do not be concerned if you cannot visit a tree on the Winter Solstice itself.  Although that is the optimum time to experience this increase in energy it will be there for the full year and beyond.  Visit as many trees as you can as this will help strengthen the energies of the trees and you.

Try and encourage as many people you know who have an affinity with natural energies and the natural world to go out and visit the trees.