Winter Solstice Energies 2020

The arrival of the New Energies in 2020 marks a turning point.  It is the fifth, and halfway stage, in the increase of energies from somewhere deep within the cosmos. Each year I ask the same question, where does this energy come from? I get the same answer that we will not be told as our very natures and our potential to misuse this knowledge forbids it. We are not ready! 

The last four increases have strengthened the energies of the Earth dramatically. At each increase more  of the forgotten and hidden knowledge has been revealed. Although 2020 may have been dominated by the fear and restrictions brought about by the pandemic the energies have been showing us the way forward into the light.

What happened at this Winter Solstice? More powerful energies arrived reinforcing and extending the energies that have arrived in previous years. Throughout our landscapes there are powerful Beacon Trees. Over recent years they have formed vortexes of energy around their edges. At the time of the first increase these vortexes were thirty six heights above and below the tree. A height is from the top of the tree’s canopy down to the base of its roots. Four years ago when the the new energies arrived cones of energy formed at the top of each tree vortex and travelled down below the tree. At each of the Winter Solstices the cones of energy have remained thirty six heights above the tree but have increased incrementally by thirty six heights below.  At the 2019 Solstice these had doubled to two hundred and sixteen heights below the trees. At this Solstice these have doubled again to four hundred and thirty two heights below each tree. Through visions I now know that the cones of energy will go down even further into the centre of the Earth. It will connect the four main elements from the fiery centre up through the earth to water and then the air.

While the Beacon Trees are becoming the Trees of Life and Knowledge other trees are becoming energised. These are the Tree Devas, the shinning ones, who through the phases of the moon build up energies which are then released to strengthen our biosphere. When we spend time in the company of trees they are likely to become Tree Devas.

The New Energies have also been entering the water based energy lines which flow below and on the surface of the Earth. When they first arrived through the Beacon Springs and Wells the energies transformed these water based lines into swirling vortices which caused much disruption.  After each Solstice there have been a series of moon based events which have helped to calm these energies. Tree Guardians and others have been making river and water pilgrimages to both open up and calm them. Through Despacho and simple ceremonies gifts have been given to the water which have opened up other entry points for the energies leading to more overall balance. When they arrived and entered the energy lines the energies have also doubled.

We need to spend time with, place simple gifts in or leave intentions for the water around us. Why do we need to do this? The water based energy lines are fundamental to the Earth. They form the Elemental Web which is one of the energy grids that surround the Earth. We are water and like many other beings we need it for our very survival. But it goes beyond that. It is the very basis of our spiritual world. A world that has been suppressed for so long is now reawakening. Working with trees I am aware that all the trees and plants are talking to each other. Species that have never communicated with other species are now having conversations. They are doing this through the elemental web which is a relay of roots, fungal networks and water based energy  lines. Over time if we connect with the earth’s energies we will have no need of the internet and other communication technologies. Through this web we will be in touch with our world and the other worlds beyond it.


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