S.U.11The foundations of my practice as an artist are based on reconnecting us to the natural world.  Through artworks, interventions and events
I make others aware of the world around us and our place within it.

Five years ago everything changed!  The realisation that I had strong dowsing skills on a course with the late Hamish Miller was followed a month later by an ‘out of body’ experience in an ancient woodland in Brittany.  Trees have chosen me as a conduit and are revealing a wealth of hidden knowledge which I have to reveal through my work as an artist and now as a tree dowser.

More details can be found in the introduction to The Dragon Line. 

Dowsing is an ancient skill. Most people associate it with finding water, but the skill of the dowser can be wide-ranging. Now many dowsers use their skills to explore the natural energies in the world around us.


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