I have always had a strong connection to the natural world and it forms the foundation of my work as an artist. Through artworks, interventions and events I make others aware of the world around us and our place within it
Twelve years ago everything changed!
I went on a a dowsing course with the late Hamish Miller where I found that I had strong dowsing skills and was drawn to working with trees.
A month later on holiday in Brittany I entered an ancient woodland for the third time and had what I can only describe as an ‘out of body’ experience.
From then on, through dowsing, I have been able to have detailed conversations with trees.
They seem to have chosen me as a conduit to reveal their hidden and lost knowledge.
During the early stages they gave me details concerning their wellbeing and the energies that surround them. Now that they trust me they are revealing much more as we enter a period of dramatic change where the energies of the Earth are being transformed.
They have made it clear that our very future depends on us reconnecting with the natural world.
Through insights and visions they are helping me to show our way forward.

Dowsing is an ancient skill. Most people associate it with finding water, but the skill of the dowser can be wide-ranging. Now many dowsers use their skills to explore the natural energies in the world around us.


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