Workshop Details


The workshops run from 10am to 3pm. From 10 to 10.30 there will be an opportunity to relax with a drink and discuss the programme for the day. It also allows us to relax and open up our minds for the work ahead. We will then familiarise ourselves with dowsing rods and how to use them. Before lunch we will visit the orchard to spend time practising with the rods, firstly working with tracing water and then the energy of the trees. After lunch, which will include vegetable soup, we will then visit the trees in the local woods to explore their energy fields and well-being. We will finish the practical work by exploring the dowsing rod as a tool for planting out your plants in the garden ( nothing gets planted in our garden or orchard without asking it where it wants to go). When we finish at 3pm there will be an opportunity to have a drink and talk about your experiences. I will be available for the rest of the afternoon.

What do you need to bring with you? Warm, waterproof clothing as we will be working outside and an open, relaxed frame of mind.




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