Chapter Three



As soon as we returned home I had to go out and confirm that the Dragon Line running through Brittany was the same as the one here at Otterhead. It was the same one! On the following morning I checked the line for Beacon Trees and there is one here at Otterhead (1). Over the next few days and weeks I followed the energy line across Britain and Europe.

I used ‘Michelin’ and our more detailed ‘Ordnance Survey’ maps to search for the route of the line. You can get into a rhythm when dowsing a map and after a while I was beginning to look ahead to where the line was taking me. Often I thought it would follow the line of a watercourse, well or spring only to be surprised when it went in a completely different direction. As it follows a very sinuous route it is clearly a Dragon Line.

The line travels through Europe starting in Brittany, travelling through Western France, Andorra, down the Eastern side of Spain and finishing on the edge of the Mediterranean. Starting in the West Country the line travels across Britain through Wales, the Isles of Anglesey and Man, Western Scotland, the Orkneys and finishes at the top of the Shetland Isles.

In time I intend to follow the complete line to confirm the map readings, but for this first book I am following its journey across the West Country.

(1) Along the Dragon Line there are Beacon Trees on private land and others that have to remain hidden as they are special contact trees. The Otterhead Oak is one of these. Beacon Trees that are accessible will marked as such*.


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