2015 Energies

Green Alter Ego

2015 has been an interesting year where so much has been revealed.  On the 20th March it all started to happen as I shared my 65th birthday with the Spring Equinox and a Solar Eclipse.  I was told changes were going to happen to natural energies and a week later I found the first of these.  Upon visiting a Beacon Tree in a local wood I found that the edge of its energy field was impossible to find in two directions.  Using maps I found that this band of energy goes to a beacon well in one direction and to a beacon tree in the other.  The edges of this Spirit Line change dramatically from day to day revealing that the water and moisture below us is tidal.  So far I have only found spirit lines here on the Blackdown Hills.

In April there was a third Red Moon in a sequence of four and I was informed that I would be undergoing a form of transformation.

In May on holiday in Brittany I revisited the ancient woodland where I had the out of ‘body of experience’ which opened my connection with the trees.  On my second visit I felt another presence within the wood which was not man or animal.  I had come face to face with my other self, my green self, which is pictured above.  I was informed that my transformation is to help strengthen me in my work on behalf of the trees.  Already I have noticed improvements in my physical body and my connections to earth energies.  These changes are ongoing.

In September at the combined Lunar Eclipse and fourth Red Moon there was a massive increase in earth energies.  The energy fields of beacon trees, springs and wells have expanded dramatically.

During the last few months I have been checking and rechecking the information the trees have given me to find out what is happening. 

It is now clear that we have to reconnect with the natural world if we are to survive the dramatic changes that lay ahead.  By visiting Beacon Trees, Springs and Wells those with a strong earth connection will benefit from the renewed energies.  With each Beacon Tree having a vertical vortex energy above and below it they are the Trees of Life and Knowledge.  They will strengthen us and help us develop the skills we will need for the future.  We must work closely with the natural world as it has the hidden knowledge we will need.  We have to renew the simple, symbiotic relationship the woodland peoples in our distant past had with the natural world.