Some Holy Wells are decorated with strips of cloth and objects left by visitors. These gifts are votives presented to invoke the special healing qualities of the well.
With the continued increases of energy we are at a stage when we need to leave gifts at the Beacon Springs and Wells to heal them in order to balance these energies. Many of these springs and wells are hidden away or even forgotten within our landscapes. It will take a while to find and spend time with them to help in this healing process.
In the meantime the New Energies are building up in the water based energy lines via these springs and wells. They will continue to have the potential to cause a great deal of disruption.

A solution to help calm these energies has been revealed by fellow Tree Guardians, often working alongside others with a strong connection to Earth Energies.
As part of a project to reclaim our rivers, last year, a special ceremony took place on the water meadows of the River Frome in Frome. I was asked to check the energies before and after the event. After the Despacho Ceremony a powerful energy field was created on and around the river.

A Despacho is an Andean prayer bundle similar to a mandala. It is a work of Sacred Art, born of your deepest prayers and longings that you bring to your life.  In Spanish, despacho literally means “dispatch or shipment”. We dispatch our prayers to Mother Earth, to the Sacred and to the mountains (Apus in Quechua) with great respect and honour and ask that they be answered. 
Each despacho is different, reflecting the intimate connection to the one who is offering prayer. Breathtaking in its physical beauty, a despacho ceremony is a journey to the soul of nature, an organic process where, in deep reverence, we offer our most heartfelt prayers for deep healing.

In November another Despacho Ceremony took place on the River Thames in London. This ceremony took place alongside the Extinction Rebellion event where thousands took over five London bridges. South of the Houses of Parliament in the gardens the despacho was created. Placed on a raft of willow it was floated on the Thames.
Though the combination of the Despacho and so many with strong connections to Earth Energies a massive energy field was created. This energy field is re-opening up long forgotten and hidden energies which have the potential to transform London. 
I have shown the map of this energy field to a fellow Tree Guardian. 

Her immediate reaction to this new energy field is a place of New Ideas. It will have the potential to change lives by opening up and expanding our consciousness.
She agreed with my concerns that these powerful energies will also cause turbulence as they get stronger. The energies of the rivers tend to be constrained so they will need to be released.

At the Winter Solstice the New Energies entered at these energy centres on the Frome and Thames as well as Beacon Springs and Wells.
A fellow Tree Guardian received the a gift of a rose quartz which she then placed in the stream above her house. This gift opened up an another entry point for the new energies.
A large ceremony will create a large energy field but a simple visit to a river or stream to place a gift seems to be just as effective. The energies around it will not be as strong but it forms another means of easing the arrival the new energies.
In the coming years we need to leave gifts at known and unknown places along streams and rivers to calm the water.


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