Chapter Four


Following the Dragon Line is a long term project and as new knowledge is being revealed to me by the trees I have to follow the directions they set out for me.

From the starting point of the Dragon Line I have been searching for the major energy lines that cross it. I have been told to concentrate on the Blackdown Hills and now have a detailed record of the energy lines along with all their Beacon Trees, Springs and Wells. It has revealed a  wealth of knowledge about the world around us and the directions we have to take.

This chapter was going to be about the Beacon Trees along the Dragon Line in the Blackdown Hills. The trees have told me to search out and reveal the details of all the Beacon Trees across the hills. This information will lead to a better understanding of these living beings and our relationship to them. The Beacon Trees are revealed in a seperate file and I will return to my journey along the Dragon Line in due course.