Since my arm-saving operation and the changes in my blood my abilities with the trees have seen further transformations. One of these is being able to dowse for the details of a tree from an image someone sends me

One of my ideas to speed up the process of getting Tree Guardians to their Beacon Trees is to send them map details of where it is situated so they can seek it out and send me an image to work with.
I tried this with a fellow Guardian who sent me a fuzzy phone image of what she thought might be the Beacon. I recorded the details of the tree and sent them back only to receive a confused return message. I had given the full details of an oak when she had sent me an image of a London plane.
Rather than doubt my abilities I realised that the trees were giving me yet another valuable insight.
Before I could be sure of what had been revealed I had to go and visit the London Plane to find out what was happening. As we entered the wood we visited a large oak which my fellow Guardian had thought could be the Beacon. I dowsed it but it said that it was a Tree Deva so we had to go further into the wood in search of the Beacon. As so often happens finding a Beacon can be a slow process. It is understandable as the Beacons have not been contacted for so long and they are very reticent until they can trust us approaching them. We reached the London plane and it was clear that it was not the Beacon but it did want the ivy to be cut from its trunk. The dowsing took me back to the large oak at the entrance to the wood. It then revealed that it was the Beacon Tree and it also wanted the ivy to be removed from its trunk.
What had happened is that the London plane acted as a conduit for the Beacon Tree.
All the details it had given were correct apart from the age of the Beacon. It had given its own age.

I already knew that trees communicated with each other but that was only with others within their own species.
Through the introduction of ash saplings from Europe and an appalling lack of bio-security ash die-back disease ‘Chalara fraxinea’ arrived on mainland Britain. As soon as we were made aware of the problem I started working with ash trees to find out how it was affecting them. They made it clear that no mature tree should be cut down as many of them are resistant to the disease.
As the energies increase they will become stronger and the indications are that the loss of ash trees will not be as bad as many predict.
I am able to communicate with ash trees across the country via their root structures and the network of mycorrhiza (the fungal network). Through the misuse of the land many of these mycorrhizal networks have been broken but the trees are still connected by the bands of water based energy that travel below and above the ground.

During 2013 not a single oak or ash tree here on this part of the Blackdown Hills produced a single acorn or key. This was to make use of the increasing energies to strengthen themselves to face the changes that are on the way. However every sycamore produced keys and following Spring there were young sycamores sprouting everywhere. Before then I had never tried to communicate with sycamores.
It was hard work trying to talk to them. They are not a native tree and woodsmen see them as weed trees. This may be the reason why they are so insular and do not even communicate with other sycamores.
Now the older sycamores are talking between themselves and the other trees that surround them.

At the moment it is only the older trees and all the Tree Devas that are talking to each other.
As the energies continue to increase even more trees and plants will be communicating across vast distances.

This is another stage in the re-awakening of the elemental web of energies that surround the Earth. In the past much of this web was localised but now we have the potential to broaden our relationship to everything that is all around the world.
In time we will be undertaking detailed conversations with other living and spiritual beings across the elemental web.
It will help all of us to balance the energies and attain new levels of consciousness.