Pure Energy


The Staple Hill Beacon Tree is one of the few examples that exist only in the form of pure energy. In the image you can just make out the concrete trig point which marks the current highest point on the northern escarpment of the Blackdown Hills. 

This was not the highest point as three metres to the west there was an oak on higher ground. In the image you should be able to see a ring of stones that mark the footprint of the tree.

The 772 year old oak was cut down 195 years ago in 1821AD so its timber could be used for shipbuilding. Over time its roots rotted away and the area was cleared around it for farming land, followed by forestry.

Physical traces of the oak are long gone but its energy is still there and it has grown in scale over the last four years. It now has a vertical vortex of energy which is 36 heights above and below ground. A height is from the very top down to the bottom of its roots. When it was cut down it was 12.5 metres, top to root bottom, so the vortex is 450 metres above and below ground. Its lateral field is a giant bubble of energy up to three quarters of a mile in all directions. The energy has remained and grown as nine energy lines cross at this point. There is the three mile wide Dragon Line, a two mile wide River Line, a one mile wide line and six half mile wide lines. There have been male oaks on this site since 3585BC. The first oak germinated from an acorn stored and forgotten by a jay. The next six of the seven oaks on this site were generated by acorns produced by the oaks towards the end of their lives. All these six oaks were pollarded and harvested but in time they became a meeting place for the woodland peoples.

The Beacon Tree has made it clear to me that everyone who quietly spends time within the ring of stones will benefit from its energies and insights.
Beacon Trees have a secret name which I can only reveal to those who are chosen as their guardians. In this case it has told me that I can reveal its name to everyone.
The Staple Hill Beacon Tree has the name of ‘Ty’.
Seek him out and spend some time within his field of energy.

2015 Energies

Green Alter Ego

2015 has been an interesting year where so much has been revealed.  On the 20th March it all started to happen as I shared my 65th birthday with the Spring Equinox and a Solar Eclipse.  I was told changes were going to happen to natural energies and a week later I found the first of these.  Upon visiting a Beacon Tree in a local wood I found that the edge of its energy field was impossible to find in two directions.  Using maps I found that this band of energy goes to a beacon well in one direction and to a beacon tree in the other.  The edges of this Spirit Line change dramatically from day to day revealing that the water and moisture below us is tidal.  So far I have only found spirit lines here on the Blackdown Hills.

In April there was a third Red Moon in a sequence of four and I was informed that I would be undergoing a form of transformation.

In May on holiday in Brittany I revisited the ancient woodland where I had the out of ‘body of experience’ which opened my connection with the trees.  On my second visit I felt another presence within the wood which was not man or animal.  I had come face to face with my other self, my green self, which is pictured above.  I was informed that my transformation is to help strengthen me in my work on behalf of the trees.  Already I have noticed improvements in my physical body and my connections to earth energies.  These changes are ongoing.

In September at the combined Lunar Eclipse and fourth Red Moon there was a massive increase in earth energies.  The energy fields of beacon trees, springs and wells have expanded dramatically.

During the last few months I have been checking and rechecking the information the trees have given me to find out what is happening. 

It is now clear that we have to reconnect with the natural world if we are to survive the dramatic changes that lay ahead.  By visiting Beacon Trees, Springs and Wells those with a strong earth connection will benefit from the renewed energies.  With each Beacon Tree having a vertical vortex energy above and below it they are the Trees of Life and Knowledge.  They will strengthen us and help us develop the skills we will need for the future.  We must work closely with the natural world as it has the hidden knowledge we will need.  We have to renew the simple, symbiotic relationship the woodland peoples in our distant past had with the natural world.





Seeing the moon as a ring of red light was an incredible experience. Even more so when this lunar eclipse – fourth in a sequence of four red moons – will bring about a new age of awareness. For months I have been going through a period of transition. Others who have a close connection to earth energies will have experienced this change.

During a solar eclipse the silence is broken by the baying of dogs but the only sound throughout the lunar eclipse was the fluttering of bats. They were feeding en-masse and causing the intense stars to flash as they flew past. The re-appearance of the moon bathed the landscape in a soft light and on the cusp of dawn the black shapes of the bats were replaced by crows. Two flew into our oak  and started to summon the many crows that roost down in the woods. Suddenly the sky was black with a swirling mass as the crows headed in one direction to the North West. Normally they split up following the different cardinal points but this morning they all left along one of the energy lines I have mapped out.

The trees have informed me that this transition has reached its final phase. They have told me that I will be strengthened and become even more aware of the worlds around me. I was expecting this to happen all at once but rather than overload me this will be phased in over a period of time.

Once the sequence of the eclipse and red moon was fully complete I checked the nearest beacon tree to see what had happened to it. There has been another dramatic increase in the shaft of vertical energy. It has gone from 24 heights above and below to 36 heights (height is from the very top of the tree to the bottom of its roots). All beacon trees, certain springs and wells have had their energy fields increased. Springs and wells where five or more energy lines cross are surrounded by a bubble of energy making them, along with the beacon trees, powerful places. Over the last three Winter Solstices and this last Red Moon the beacon trees, springs and wells have had their energies renewed. In the very distant past when we had a closer connection with the earth and its energies they were points of awareness and knowledge. A guiding point in our relationship with the earth.

The indications are that this will be the last increase for a while. Rather than let these energies wane we need to make contact with these special trees, springs and wells.



Transition (felted wool on board)

For the past couple of months I have been working on artworks for exhibitions. These works express the changes and new knowledge I am experiencing.

In a previous blog ‘Transition’ I described these changes and hinted at the experience of seeing my other ‘green’ self. The artwork above is one of two visualizations of what was revealed to me in the ancient woodland in Brittany. I have been using felted wool as a new medium. It is organic and at times an alchemic material. I have been attending Geraldine’s, my wife’s, felt workshops and taking over our dining table in order to make the works.

As the end of this period of transition approaches every ache and pain I have seems to become stronger but these only highlight the changes that are happening to me. I seek information and reassurance from my local beacon tree which is, at this time, unable to give me firm details. As I go through this transition the beacon trees are also going through a period of change. At the last three Winter solstices they have experienced large increases in their energy fields. This will strengthen them as Trees of Knowledge and their shafts of energy will become the first contact points on directing our way forward into the future.

The artwork below is a representation of this shaft of energy that surrounds a beacon tree.

Tree Energy Mandala (felted wool and hazel on board)




During one of my recent tree dowsing workshops I asked the participants to dowse a sycamore tree. It seemed resistant to contact  and when they tried to find the outer edges of its energy field it indicated that it was very tight and compact.

This intrigued me and I started to find out what was the cause of this resistance. I have visited a variety of sycamores from young to mature and I am getting the same responses. They are all well and have no real problems but they  all have lateral energy fields confined to the edges of their canopies. As I have the ability to act as a conduit to bring latent energies to a tree I asked each sycamore whether they wanted me to increase their energy fields. The answer was always No!

Other trees I have visited are keen to have their energy fields extended but sycamores are happy but sycamores are happy to remain as they are. At each of the last three Winter Solstices when there has been an increase in natural energies the sycamores have absorbed it into themselves. Last year when no oak or ash produced seeds the sycamores all seeded. With no competition the ground is covered in baby sycamores. With more questioning it became clear that they are putting all available energy into growth and the production of seeds. Their self-imposed energy field is confined to the edge of their canopy, going up to the top and very bottom of the tree. The best way to describe it is as a truncated tube of energy spiraling, in a clockwise direction, around the tree. In their matter of fact, insular approach they get on with the job of growth.

Oaks and ashes communicate with each other but the sycamore is silent. As a non-native, imported tree that is often described by foresters as a weed it does not have a good reputation. A mature sycamore is a good looking tree with many assets and uses. We need to look at them more closely as the indications are that sometime in the future they will start talking to other trees and us.



Over the last three Winter Solstices we have had massive increases of natural energy which have gone into the trees and plants. These increases have strengthened them so they can cope with future change.

There is also something happening to those who are very sensitive to earth energies. In my case this recent change started on the 20th 0f March, my 65th birthday, the Spring Equinox and the third in the phase of four Super Moons. It is hard trying to describe what is happening to me but the nearest description is ‘growing pains’. I know that this transition will be completed on the fourth Super Moon in September. After a recent visit to Brittany I now what is happening to me but I still have no idea how it will manifest itself.

The information was revealed in an ancient wood in Brittany where all my major revelations take place. It was there where my first life changing experience took place setting me on the path I am now following. With a stream running through , along with the many mills, it still retains a medieval quality. Amongst the verdant plant growth and flowing water it is as close to the energies of the earth as anyone can get.

Two Beacon Trees


When I go in search of a Beacon Tree I expect to find a gnarled, veteran oak rather than small trees you would normally walk by. It is these surprises and the hidden histories that make these searches a fascinating experience. Here are two recent contacts I have made and the stories they have to tell.

The searches start from notations on local maps. Where two or more energy lines cross there tends to be a beacon tree, spring or well. In a local community woodland a variety of energy lines crossed on the boundary of the wood. My search starts with me asking my dowsing rod to take me to the tree. The journey through the wood took me to its edge and an old oak that looked the part. It was not the tree but the path next to it indicated that it was further along the edge of the wood. I ended up down a ride that lead me back into the wood. Part the way along was a double oak covered in a mantle of ivy. I made contact with the tree taking care to ground myself and control the flow of latent energy. I asked it how it was. It was not happy as the ivy was throttling it and it asked for it to be removed. On my second visit I took a folding saw and cut the ivy at the base of each trunk. In due course it will fall away and let the tree(s) breathe. As it was a double oak I asked it if it was a gypsy child burial. It was! I later checked two double oaks further down the path and they indicated that they were gypsy child burials. In the past when a gypsy child died they were buried in a quiet hidden place with an acorn in each hand. It was only on my second visit when I was cutting the ivy that I realised that the right hand trunk was not an oak but an ash. As the beacon tree(s) had not been contacted for a long time the answers were confused so getting its age and history took time. The tree told me it was 437 years old indicating that the gypsy child was buried around 1578AD. As the right hand grew faster than the left hand it was cut down for timber at 258 years and the base of the trunk rotted down over 17 years. An ash key seeded itself on the remains of the trunk. The right hand ash is 162 years old and makes this the first oak/ash beacon tree I have found. Both trunks are male and the lateral energy which I helped to release covers a large section of the woodland. As with all beacon trees its shaft of energy is 24 heights above and below it. It revealed its name which I will pass on to whoever is selected as the trees guardian.

The second beacon tree was in a wood near Churchstanton Church. The church is well worth a visit as it has many of the bench ends that were in Dunkeswell Abbey. They are 543 years old indicating that they were carved in/around 1472AD. They feature green men and plant motifs. The search for the beacon tree was long and convoluted as the tree was well hidden. I could understand why as the woodland was in complete contrast to the community wood where I found the previous beacon tree. The only management was removing tree branches that might get in the way of tracked vehicles that travel through the wood churning up and creating new tracks putting pressure on the trees. Beside one of these tracks surrounded by holly trees is the beacon tree. The hollies camouflage and hide a male oak with a low pollarded trunk. This trunk is covered in burrs with the remains of branches growing out of them. The branches growing up from the top of the trunk are long and thin like a spindly crown. The tree is 362 years old and was planted by a tree man around 1652AD. The tree is the way it looks as it was continuously cropped for timber to make furniture. The new growth would have been suitable for chair and table legs. It seems there are other similar trees throughout the wood. As it has been hidden for so long its lateral energy was still compressed but with further visits it will open out. Its vertical shaft of energy is 24 heights above and below. It has revealed its name and has chosen its guardian.